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Hollywood has finally gotten it right. This Friday, “An American Carol,” a no-holds barred conservative movie, will open in theaters nationwide.

Directed by David Zucker of acclaimed “Airplane!,” “Naked Gun,” and “Top Secret!, ” “An American Carol” is patriotic and pro-military, touting conservative ideals.

The film is loosely based on the holiday classic, “A Christmas Carol.” The movie stars Kevin Farley as Michael Malone, an infamous documentary filmmaker who has devoted his career to bashing America.

Parodying notorious left-wing activist Michael Moore, Malone is on a mission to abolish the Fourth of July. During his quest, he is confronted by three ghosts: the ghost of George Washington, Gen. George Patton, and the Angel of Death.

Malone is forced to face the dire consequences of his misguided films on the world around him.

The movie also stars Kelsey Grammer, Jon Voight, Dennis Hopper and James Woods (with a cameo appearance by FOX News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly).

This zany and irreverent comedy pokes fun at liberal sensibilities, including the left’s support of Cuba’s communist regime, gay rights, illegal immigration, and political correctness in education. The film mocks liberal anti-war rhetoric and appeasement of Islamic extremism.

Mr. Zucker, a former Democrat turned conservative after the September 11 attacks, said he was compelled to show the calamity the United States will face if it does not defeat global terrorism.

In making the movie, Mr. Zucker partnered with Myrna Sokoloff, another ex-liberal turned conservative. According to Mrs. Sokoloff, the film has several crucial themes: America is a source for good in the world; appeasement never works; and we need to support our troops.

“An American Carol” is in stark contrast to other motion pictures made in the last few years such as “Lions for Lambs,” “Stop Loss,” “In the Valley of Elah,” and “Redacted” - all of which champion a Bush-bashing, anti-American, anti-war agenda.

Although Hollywood has a penchant for making these movies, the American people are not as inclined to watch them. All except for “Lions for Lambs” made considerably less than $10 million. “Lions for Lambs” generated a meager $15 million despite the star power of Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep.

But these poor numbers have done nothing to dissuade the Hollywood left: For example, Oliver Stone’s movie, “W,” a rabid biopic mocking President Bush, is set for release in a few weeks. Given Mr. Stone’s past repertoire, the film will probably not only contain every kooky leftist smear against Mr. Bush, but tank at the box office - like his nonsensical 1995 movie on former President Richard Nixon, which had audiences running out of the theaters.

“An American Carol” may not be Shakespearian, but its message professes the fundamental values at the heart of the American people.

This message has been widely ignored by Hollywood’s establishment, which champions a radical liberal agenda of sexual liberation, hostility to religion, gay rights, abortion on demand, and opposition to the war on global terror.

Michael Moore summed up the feelings of many in the Hollywood left when he said several years ago: “There is no terrorist threat.” He’s wrong-dead wrong.

In a poignant scene in the movie, the ghost of George Washington leads Malone to the ashen debris of 3,000 innocent lives after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Washington asks Malone what he will say to his creator on Judgment Day. Malone, visibly moved, defensively stammers that he is not responsible for the September 11 atrocities. But Washington reminds him that his answer will not do, and that “only the truth will do.”

And the truth is that those victims lost their lives because radical Islam has declared war on America.

If we do not fight back and win, not only will their deaths have been in vain, but many more will die at the hands of Islamic fascists.

Mr. Zucker is not far from the truth when he says that being conservative in Hollywood is the new gay - coming out of the closet risks social ostracism and professional marginalization.

Mr. Farley, Mr. Voight, Mr. Grammer and Mr. Hopper have taken a huge chance in outing their conservative values. This bold stance may cost them future Hollywood roles.

But the American people need to cast their vote on Oct. 3 and buy a ticket to see “An American Carol.”

Hollywood needs to get the message: Americans love their country, support their troops, and want more conservative movies made.

Loredana Vuoto is president of Eloquence LLC and serves as a consultant on the film’s promotion. The views expressed are her own.



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