- The Washington Times - Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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Nov. 2Obama, McCain promise respect for Congress

Nov. 1Obama, McCain both for tort reform, but businesses prefer latter

Oct. 31Party lines define anti-crime initiatives

Oct. 30Obama’s abortion stance repels young evangelicals

Oct. 29Path to racial unity divides

Oct. 28Moscow will pose early test of ambitions on NATO

Oct. 27Tough decisions loom on Latin America

Oct. 25New president must be ‘nimble’ on economy fixes

Oct. 24Beijing pays little heed to rhetoric in U.S.

Oct. 23Candidates eye better use of spies

Oct. 22New president inherits Afghan crisis/Resurgent Taliban takes toll on NATO, U.S. troops

Oct. 21McCain, Obama remain sketchy on deficit/Groups offer budget knives

Oct. 20Economy, politics limit ambitions on Iraq, Iran/Next president faces new terrain

Oct. 19Bush’s successor faces Mideast conflicts/Peace process overshadowed by credit crisis

Oct. 17-18Joe exposes candidates’ sharp divisions/McCain favors top down; Obama distribution

Oct. 16Immigrants hear mixed messages

Oct. 15Hollywood stays behind scenes in race

Oct. 14Uninsured Americans turn to mobile clinics/Millions lack money for care

Oct. 13Issues facing vets getting short shrift/Advocates fault candidates

Oct. 12Bush sets high bar for service initiatives/Candidates plan to renew call to action



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