- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fresh from a secretive trip to Havana to meet Raul and Fidel Castro, Rep. Barbara Lee, California Democrat, has criticized U.S. Cuba policy as “based on antiquated Cold War-era thinking.” If anyone's thinking toward the communist state is stuck in the Cold War past, it is Ms. Lee's - and she is still on the wrong side.

Declassified documents from the National Archives, posted to J. Michael Waller's PoliticalWarfare.org blog, reveal that Ms. Lee has been promoting the cause of Caribbean communism since the early 1980s. According to Mr. Waller, Ms. Lee “provided counterintelligence support to the regime in Grenada in 1980, tipping off the Cuban-backed government to a possible anti-communist spy in the office of Marxist-Leninist Premier Maurice Bishop.” A memo, captured in 1983 after the United States liberated the island from the communist New Jewel Movement, notes that Ms. Lee, then working on the staff of Rep. Ron Dellums, California Democrat, tipped off Grenada's ambassador to the Organization of American States about suspicious counterrevolutionary mailings Mr. Dellums' office had received, postmarked from Grenada.

Ms. Lee, along with Mr. Dellums' Chief of Staff Carlottia Scott, whom Mr. Waller says “was widely rumored to have been romantically involved with [Grenada's communist leader] Bishop,” worked tirelessly to promote the New Jewel agenda in Congress. At every step, they actively opposed the Reagan administration's anti-communist strategy. A 1982 letter from Ms. Scott to Mr. Bishop, typed on House of Representatives letterhead and opening “My Dearest,” details their work for the House Armed Services Committee's subcommittee on military construction, which Mr. Dellums chaired.

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Ms. Lee and Ms. Scott put together a report on the Cuban-built airstrip at Point Salines, Grenada, as a “direct counter to the [Reagan] administration's policy based on their militarist lines of thinking,” namely that the strip was to be used for Soviet heavy bombers and transports. “If the issue can be turned around soon,” Ms. Scott wrote, “then we hope that all this insane rhetoric will be stopped by the U.S.” She noted: “This is only part of what Ron needs to discuss with you in as much as this has to be a team effort. (smile) Ron also has some very clear ideas on the best procedure that should be followed on your end if you agree to proceed in such a manner.” Mr. Dellums, Ms. Scott and Ms. Lee later met in Havana after his trip to Grenada, and Ms. Scott wrote Mr. Bishop that the congressman had been affected very emotionally by the visit. “The only other person that I know of that he expresses such admiration for is Fidel,” she gushed.

Decades later, Ms. Lee, now representing Mr. Dellums' district, is still fighting for the same cause she was defending at the height of the Cold War. Sadly, this cause is Marxist totalitarianism in the Western Hemisphere. That's what we call antiquated thinking.

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