- The Washington Times - Sunday, April 12, 2009


Suzanne Fields writes, “Vouchers are key to education reform” (“School choice a piece of cake?” Opinion, Thursday). Most Americans disagree. Between the late 1960s and 2007, millions of voters in 25 statewide referendum elections voted against any and every form of tax aid to faith-based private schools by an average of 2-1. In the District's only vote on the subject, the voters rejected a tax-code voucher plan 89 percent to 11 percent. At least three-fourths of the state constitutions prohibit tax aid to private schools, and voters have defeated attempts to overturn those proscriptions.

Many inner-city school systems face difficulties, and the first solution is for our society to address poverty and all its accompanying problems. Nearly all studies of school-voucher plans have shown that vouchers simply do not solve the real problems.



Americans for Religious Liberty

Silver Spring



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