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Your lady spies have learned that Fox News “America’s Newsroom” anchor Megyn Kelly is expecting her first child in October. The 38-year-old Ms. Kelly married Doug Brunt last year.

Our Fox source tells us the infobabe informed her staff this morning, but her maternity leave span is unknown.

Her due date is Oct. 6, the day before Fox’s birthday. The channel launched in 1996.

Bo knows Twitter

Quick — help your lady sleuths solve a mystery: Who is behind the first dog’s Twitter account, @BoFirstDog?

As of 3 p.m. on Monday, April 13, Bo had been tweeting since noon and had posted 17 updates, had 132 followers and was following 900 people, of whom just 7 were identified on Bo’s page: Air America’s Ana Marie Cox, Agence France-Presse’s Olivier Knox and Stephen Collinson, Politico’s Jonathan Martin, ABC White House Correspondent Jake Tapper, Slate’s John Dickerson and The Washington Times’ Jon Ward.

We expected the first pup to be gifted, but certain tasks are impossible without opposable thumbs — like twittering!

So who is the mastermind behind @BoFirstDog? A media-savvy member of the Obama administration perhaps? Please send us any tips, hints or your best guesses.

The Dead zone

The Dead, the post-Jerry Garcia incarnation of the Grateful Dead, is at the Verizon Center tonight, the second stop on a 16-city tour, the Ur-jam band’s first since 2004’s Wave That Flag tour.

The dean of the congressional Deadheads, Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (favorite Dead song: “Black Muddy Water”), Vermont Democrat, is fond of telling the story of attending his first show with his son Kevin. “After awhile, word got around to the band that they had a balding fan on Capitol Hill, and they invited me to join them on the stage (in the wings), which I did, several times,” Mr. Leahy once wrote. “A call came in from the Secretary of State. He asked if I could turn the radio down. I explained where I was, and after a long pause, he asked if I could tune out my ‘rock music’ long enough to chat with the President. Then he handed the phone to Bill Clinton. The President said he wished he could come on over, but the Secret Service thing could have been a problem.”

Although the Bay Area counterculture icons are generally associated in the public mind with liberal Democratic causes, a splinter group of right-leaning Deadheads insists that the band’s anti-authoritarianism and the spontaneous micro-capitalism spawned by its tours make the Dead implicitly libertarian.

“Deadheads believe in freedom — not a government telling people how much water they can have in their toilets or where they can smoke or whether they should be allowed to own a gun,” conservative provocateur Ann Coulter once told jambands.com. “Remember the photos of Jerry [Garcia] testifying before some congressional committee while chain smoking? Yeah, he’d really bond with Henry Waxman.”

Conservative pundit Tucker Carlson tells G2 that although the Dead performed a concert for then-candidate Barack Obama in the fall, he has always appreciated the group for its “entirely American and non-authoritarian” vibe.

“Garcia went out of his way to be apolitical,” says Mr. Carlson, who plans to attend the show tonight and one in Philadelphia. “He might have done something for Greenpeace, but he wasn’t out there for candidates all the time, and he wasn’t aggressive about politics.”

Mr. Carlson, who attended his first show in 1984 with his brother in San Francisco, says he even married a Deadhead. “My wife plays it in the kitchen all the time.”

Other Deadhead politicos include Speaker Nancy Pelosi and would-be senator Al Franken.

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