- The Washington Times - Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MIAMI (AP) - Federal jurors in the Miami tax evasion trial of Brazilian race car driver Helio Castroneves (EHL’-ee-oh kas-troh-NEH’-vehz) have asked more questions about the laws at the heart of the case.

The 12-person jury sent questions Tuesday to the judge in the trial of Castroneves, his attorney and a sister who served as his business manager.

Jurors are grappling with whether Castroneves owned or stood to benefit from a shell corporation in Panama. They are trying to determine if he avoided possible tax liability when his lawyer asked Penske Racing to indefinitely postpone paying his $5 million licensing contract in 1999.

Castroneves’ attorneys insist he paid his taxes and relied on professional tax advice.

Deliberations are expected to resume for a fourth day Wednesday.



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