- The Washington Times - Friday, April 17, 2009

Despite his being a recipient of the coveted “Letter of the Day” designation, one can’t help but wonder if Harrison E. McCandlish is not suffering a bit of author’s remorse regarding his letter (“Pirates are terrorists, plain and simple,” Sunday).

In reaction to the recent pirate attack on a U.S.-flagged vessel, Mr. McCandlish admonished President Obama for having “declined comment on the matter, as if to dismiss the attack as an insignificant incident.” He later opined: “If George W. Bush were still president, these motley pirates who seized the American ship most likely would be shaking hands with Allah.”

Aside from the unfortunate timing of his missive, I suppose it’s possible that Mr. McCandlish actually disapproves of the outcome of this incident. Perhaps he would have preferred a bit more bravado, replete with a challenge to “bring it on.”

However, those days are gone. What the American people saw instead was their commander in chief - calmly, quietly and without a hint of bluster - exercising his judgment and authority to quickly and efficiently deploy America’s best to bring an end to the situation with no collateral damage and no one harmed except the guilty parties.

That may not be enough to satisfy the occasional letter-writer, but for me and millions of other Americans, it was a welcome change.


Vienna Va.

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