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Sojourner Truth, the abolitionist and suffragette, on Tuesday became the first black woman to be immortalized with a bust in Emancipation Hall at the U.S. Capitol.

On Monday night, we caught up with some of the celebrants at a reception honoring the creator of the bust, Artis Lane, hosted by FedEx exec Gina Adams and Radio and TV One founder Cathy Hughes at a town house in Northeast.

Among those toasting Ms. Lane was former Desperate Housewife Alfre Woodard, who told us we won’t be seeing her on Wisteria Lane again anytime soon.

“I only agreed to do the show for one season,” she told us.

Miss Woodard said she “felt compelled to be here in this new era of enlightenment,” referring to the Obama administration. “I think it is so fitting that we are doing this now.”

The actress had high praise for Ms. Lane. “She understands our history, and she is full of artistic expression,” she said. “She really tells the truth about Sojourner Truth.”

Remember Jaleesa Vinson Taylor from “A Different World?” Well, she was there Monday night, too. Her alter ego, actress and singer Dawnn Lewis, says she “just flew in” because she’s been waiting for “12 years” to see this bust come to Washington.

Miss Lewis, who performed in the hit movie adaptation of “Dreamgirls,” said she just wrapped the drama “Preacher’s Kid.”

As a surprise for the packed crowd, most of whom were fanning themselves to cope with the sweltering heat, Ms. Lane unveiled two busts of President and Mrs. Obama.

Short takes

Reagan-era icon Gary Coleman is making quite the comeback with his role in the new film “Midgets vs. Mascots,” which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York on Saturday.

If actors in gator suits alongside little people on the red carpet weren’t enough to draw attention to the unsold indie film, the controversy around its title certainly will be. The little people in the film were cast before it acquired its title and were upset to learn it included the sometimes offensive term “midget.”

Mr. Coleman, whose growth was halted by a congenital kidney disease, stands in solidarity with his co-stars and reports there’s still some chance the title may change before the film goes into wider release.

We asked the child star of “Diff’rent Strokes” what role he thought the series may have played in paving the way for the Obama presidency. Mr. Coleman replied that while the ‘80s sitcom about black children adopted into a privileged white family was “ahead of its time,” he is “just glad color rapidly isn’t becoming an issue.”

G2 also recalled the famous photo of Mr. Coleman visiting Nancy Reagan at the White House and asked if he had any plans to return to visit the new first lady. Mr. Coleman laughed and said, “Whatchoo talkin’ ‘bout G2?” (Well, we wish he had. He actually said, “I don’t think so.”)

Breakfast club

You’ve heard of the Washington power lunch, but what about the power breakfast? That’s the meal of choice for political odd couple Democratic consultant Donna Brazile and Republican Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi.

Our Joe Curl spotted the former Republican chairman and the manager of Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign washing down their differences with some orange juice at the J.W. Marriott in Northwest on Tuesday.

It turns out the two Southern souls will be making this a regular date.

“Governor Barbour and I met for breakfast to catch up on the recovery efforts still under way in the Gulf and the need for more affordable housing in our rebuilding efforts and to chat about the future. There’s no secret that the ‘Gov’ and I share a passion for politics and public service,” Miss Brazile explained in an e-mail to G2.

“We enjoyed each other’s company. And I look forward to visiting him soon to take a look at the progress being made.”

Don’t go getting the wrong idea. “His wife also joined us for breakfast,” Miss Brazile was careful to add. “It was the first of many meals I hope to enjoy with Haley and his family.”

They may want to reconsider the venue for next time, though. Joe tells us hotel parking at the Marriott costs $39.

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