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There were few highlights from Friday’s special teams session. Ex-CFL special teams standout Dominique Dorsey dropped a kickoff return that he had tossed to himself. Defensive end Jeremy Jarmon looked like a rookie when he got leveled on a double team by veterans Mike Sellers and Todd Yoder. …

Fullback Eddie Williams and defensive end J.D. Skolnitsky returned from hamstring injuries to participate. …

The news of the day was the explanation of rule changes by a team of NFL officials, led by back judge Greg Steed. Here are some of the highlights:

- Kickoff teams must line up three players outside of each hash mark or they will draw a 5-yard illegal formation penalty.

- Kickoff return teams can no longer include wedges of more than two players. Any group of more than two players must be at least 2 yards apart or there will be a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

- Any blow to the head or neck of a defenseless receiver will draw a 15-yard penalty.

- When a defender hits the quarterback from the knees down, he’ll be penalized.

- David Elfin and Rachel Orland



1. On his popularity on Twitter: “I think it’s great. All my followers help me out. It’s kind of like a friendship that you don’t know. It’s a good connection between me and my followers.”

2. On what he’s getting out of training camp: “This is my third one. I’m definitely getting to meet new players, getting to learn a new system, meet new coaches. It’s a constant grind. It never changes; it’s training camp. I’m just trying to get better.”

3. On whether George Stewart, his uncle and a receivers coach for the Vikings, ever gives him advice: “Me and my uncle talk out of football season a lot. He’s been giving me advice ever since I’ve been little. He keeps me straight. If I have any questions, he helps me out with that.”

4. On his interest in music: “Me and my brother started getting into music at a young age. My dad played it all the time. It’s kind of my release away from football.”


1:20 p.m.: Individual drills followed by an intrasquad scrimmage (open to public)


10 Veterans who won’t take part in Saturday’s scrimmage: defensive linemen Albert Haynesworth, Phillip Daniels and Cornelius Griffin; running back Clinton Portis; receivers Santana Moss and Devin Thomas; cornerbacks DeAngelo Hall and Carlos Rogers and offensive linemen Randy Thomas and Mike Williams.



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