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The story “Markey probes forged letters” (Associated Press, Nation, Thursday) raises critical questions. It describes 12 forged letters to three members of Congress asking them to vote against the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade legislation. That bill is premised on claims that the Earth is warming alarmingly and computer-model projections that it will get warmer still. Rep. Edward J. Markey, chairman of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, has expressed outrage that someone would engage in subterfuge on this issue and vows a congressional investigation.

Surely this investigation will come after, or at least include, an inquiry into the frauds and falsehoods underlying the legislation? Those include the “hockey stick” scandal in which history was rewritten on a graph to erase the Medieval Warming Period, when temperatures were warmer than they are now, and subsequent Little Ice Age, when they were colder than now; Al Gore’s claims that were outed by the U.K. High Court; the fraud at the University of Albany relating to a key, apparently fabricated, data set relied upon by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for its claims; and NASA’s being caught in funny business with data, which subsequently got revised; taxpayer-funded surface-temperature stations being moved from fields to parking lots, over air-conditioning units and even next to barbecue grills.

Possibly the committee could first address the Environmental Protection Agency’s having outsourced its scientific research to the IPCC (which says on its Web site that it conducts no research) for the claim that CO2 poses an “endangerment” to the planet. It might even look into how alarmist politicians and bureaucrats have chased scientists Will Happer and Sherwood Idso out of the government and the current assault on EPA whistle-blower Alan Carlin.

If these issues are of no interest, perhaps our representatives could contemplate reports that some children suffer nightmares, refuse water and even get committed after being told they are contributing to an ecological crisis. Or maybe just a peek into the various physical attacks and death threats against skeptical scientists for the “crime” of speaking out about science?

Fraud appears to have been perpetrated specifically against Rep. Tom Perriello, Virginia Democrat, who was one of the three congressmen who did not succumb to the forged letters but instead voted in favor of the measure. Mr. Perriello, my representative in Congress, seems to have fallen prey to another patent misrepresentation. Defending his vote on a Charlottesville radio station the other day, he claimed that the bill and its mandates actually are good for job creation, as proved by the fact that the United States is already “hemorrhaging jobs” to India and China because those nations already have adopted such schemes.

Whoever is peddling such fraudulent misrepresentations must be held accountable. Congress must get to the bottom of climate fraud. I look forward to discovering the origin of such false claims.


Senior fellow

Competitive Enterprise Institute


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