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SEAL clubbing

One doubts many environmentalists will be joining a crusade for seals (or SEALs, actually).

Three members of the elite Navy commando unit are being threatened with court-martial on charges of abusing a jihadist captured in Iraq. By waterboarding him? By pulling out his fingernails? By lynching him, burning the body and hanging it from a bridge for public abuse? (The last would at least have some symmetry because the putative “victim” in the case, Ahmed Hashim Abed, masterminded such an attack on four Blackwater contractors in Fallujah.)

No — it was a punch to the stomach. And that has conservative blog queen Michelle Malkin up in arms.

She has pushed at her site a petition to Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates to drop the court-martial, which, however light the punishment, would effectively end the Navy careers of SO2 Jonathan Keefe, SO1 Julio Huertas and SO2 Matthew McCabe.

“We had hoped that the SEALs’ commanders would dispose of this matter at the lowest level - with a scolding and perhaps a few hundred push-ups - for anyone actually guilty of inflicting an inconvenience on this bloody-handed barbarian,” the petition reads. “The three now face special courts-martial next month. We believe their commanders - including General [David H.] Petraeus - have failed you, the SEALs and the American people by not preventing the matter from going this far.”

Mrs. Malkin more recently has pushed financial aid for the three men via the Warrior Legacy Foundation in Colorado.

“There is now a legal defense fund for the trio. Go here,” she wrote, linking to freetheseals.com, where people can contribute to the foundation via PayPal and other means.

Human Events magazine, which has posted the Gates petition at its site , had more than 92,000 signatures and almost 2,000 comments by Monday afternoon.


Conservative blogger William Jacobson takes note of a state ethics complaint filed last week by Scott Brown, the Republican hopeful for the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts.

He linked to a Boston Herald report that said a pro-Democratic union had “used state resources to urge workers to volunteer for” state Attorney General Martha Coakley, the Democratic nominee for the seat.

“After Brown’s complaint Wednesday, the operations director of Service Employees International Local 509 said it mistakenly sent an e-mail to state employee members Nov. 20 asking them to volunteer for the Democratic attorney general,” the Herald reported.

“Whose job is it to investigate this complaint? The attorney general, Martha Coakley, who is the very same candidate SEIU is helping. Good luck with that,” Mr. Jacobson said.

Lawyer terror

If you can’t blow them up, sue them.

Two Fleet Street newspapers — the Telegraph and the Times of London — are reporting that the Islamist militant group Hamas is behind a British arrest warrant issued against Tzipi Livni, who was Israel’s foreign minister during the Gaza war last year.

“It has now emerged that a committee set up by the Hamas government was providing information to help pro-Palestinian lawyers investigating alleged war crimes. Diya al-Madhun, the judge who heads the committee, said, … ‘We have provided a group of independent lawyers in Britain with documents, information and evidence concerning war crimes committed by Israeli political and military leaders, including Livni,’ ” according to the Telegraph story , widely linked at anti-jihad sites.

In a post at Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer called the case “a new and insidious form of the courtroom jihad” and asked why “a group that is considered a terrorist organization in Britain [is] able to operate so freely in that country.”

Hamas is using a feature of English law that allows anyone, not just a professional prosecutor, to seek an arrest on war-crimes charges.

“The statute is a stupid one, and Britain’s government is talking about changing it. But Hamas is pursuing the same strategy across much of Europe,” wrote John Hinderaker at the Powerline blog. “This is, obviously, an obscenity . But it isn’t hard to see where the Europeans are coming from. They have lots of Muslim inhabitants who demand to be placated, and very few Jews, since they killed or drove out nearly all of them a generation ago.”

Hate speech

In the words of Red State’s Erick Erickson, “if you oppose health care deform, you are a racist, hate-spouting Aryan who roots for the assassination of Barack Obama.”

Well, those weren’t exactly “his” words, just his headline for his entry on the most widely blogged quote on conservative sites on Monday. During the Senate floor debate Sunday, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island Democrat, said the following:

“They are desperate to break this president. They have ardent supporters who are nearly hysterical at the very election of President Barack Obama. The birthers, the fanatics, the people running around in right-wing militia and Aryan support groups, it is unbearable to them that President Barack Obama should exist. That is one powerful reason. It is not the only one.”

“There you have it,” Mr. Erickson wrote. “Gone are the days when Democrats compared American soldiers to Nazis on the floor of the Senate. Today, Democrats condone one of their own, calling, from the floor of the Senate, the majority of American citizens Aryan hate mongers rooting for the assassination of the president of the United States.”

Chimed in Sister Toldjah: “We’ll just add this to the long list of insults and smears thrown at opponents of ObamaCare from the so-called ‘tolerant’ left over the last year, like mobsters, “un-American,” Astroturfers, fascists, terrorists , brownshirts, racists, assassins, and Neanderthals. Weren’t these the same ones who threw temper tantrums whenever they felt like their patriotism and commitment to the American people were being questioned during the [George W.] Bush years, who were saying that the tone in Washington, DC needed to ‘change’?”

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