- The Washington Times - Monday, March 2, 2009

Once again the anti-environment right wing is missing the point on global warming, or should I say potential global warming, to concede a point.

In the article “In global warming we trust” (Commentary, Monday), Anthony Sadar and Susan Cammarata restate the usual conundrum that we cannot predict the weather a month in advance, let alone decades ahead. True, but most scientists accept global warming as fact.

The authors state that water has a greater effect on weather than carbon dioxide. That is true, but we are producing no new water (hydrogen and oxygen) while we pour millions of tons of new carbon dioxide (by using oxygen in burning coal) into the atmosphere. Eventually this carbon dioxide may overwhelm water’s effect. The potential effect of this seems logical. Do the authors dispute simple logic?

By suggesting that other plagues, war, famine, etc., are presently more important, they fail to see the real problem of global warming. Of all the ills that the authors list, global warming will require the most time to reverse. It took us since the Industrial Revolution to get into this position. By the time we “prove” global warming to these zealots, it may be too late. Regardless, the cure will be lengthy and very costly.

We should assume that global warming is very likely true - the scientific evidence seems to support that - and prudently and judiciously address the problem, not wait until we have “proof,” meaning too late to do anything.



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