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LAS VEGAS | Sony is expanding its mobile audio lineup with eight new Xplod in-dash CD receivers. Designed to support the growing demand for iPod and Bluetooth compatibility, these head units provide a broad range of in-car connectivity.

“We’re offering elegantly designed products with innovative solutions for enjoying music on the road,” said Mike Kahn, director of marketing in the Audio Product Division at Sony. “Whatever your audio needs may be, we’ve got them covered.”

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Four new models are being added to Sony’s GT line of car stereos, with the high-end CDX-GT930UI being the most advanced of the group. This head unit features a rear USB-1 connection for iPod, iPhone, Walkman and other USB devices, as well as a rear aux-in. The fully-featured model also has a motorized, detachable faceplate and a 4-volt front, rear and sub preamp output. It also has a fluorescent multiline display with switchable blue, green and red key illumination, allowing for full and intuitive control of the device’s functionality.

With the same feel as the high-end unit, the CDX-GT730UI model also features a four-line, full-motion display. This CD/MP3/WMA/AAC receiver has a front USB connection for all digital music players, a detachable faceplate and a front aux-in. Three preamp outputs allow for simple connection to all car audio components. It also offers red, blue and green key illumination.

The new CDX-GT530UI model is the most affordable of the iPod-integrated head units. This model features a front USB connection for simple iPod connectivity, as well as two preamp outputs and a front aux-in.

The CDX-GT430U unit has a USB port for connecting and controlling content from USB thumb drives and digital music players like a Sony Walkman, not iPod. This receiver also has a front aux-in and two preamp outputs.

With 52 watts x 4 high-power output, the new GT series models are made to provide powerful, high-quality sound to any car system. Each car stereo features ZAPPIN, Quick-BrowZer and Jump Mode for quick navigation through music libraries, regardless of size.

Additionally, the GT series utilizes DM+ Advanced technology to enhance the sound quality of all audio. These models have Low-Pass and High-Pass filters to give the user more control over their signal outputs. They are all satellite and HD Radio ready, and come with wireless card remotes.

Three of Sony’s new head units feature Bluetooth technology for simple hands-free phone calls and audio streaming (with a Bluetooth compatible phone).

The top-of-the-line MEX-BT5700UI model features a front USB-1 port for easy connection to all digital music players, including iPod and iPhone devices. New for 2009, this unit is able to automatically transfer all phone book contact information from a Bluetooth connected phone to the display. This feature, called Phonebook Access Profile (PBAP), enables full functional control of the linked phone through the head unit.

Additionally, while streaming audio via Bluetooth, the MEX-BT5700U unit transfers all metadata of a song. Album, artist and track information all appear on its large four-line display. It also has a flip-down faceplate, front aux-in and three preouts. In addition, it supports ZAPPIN, Quick-BrowZer, Jump Mode, Passenger Control and utilizes DM+Advanced technology.

Similar to the high-end model, the new Sony MEX-BT3700U Bluetooth head unit features a front USB connection, a front aux-in and three preouts. The CD/MP3/WMA/AAC receiver is also compatible with the latest in Sony’s audio features and technologies, including ZAPPIN, Quick-BrowZer, Jump Mode, Passenger Control and DM+ Advanced. Sony offers an optional microphone, model XA-MC10, designed to complement the MEX-BT3700U.

The MEX-BT2700 provides hands-free solutions and improved audio streaming functionality at an attractive price. This receiver has a front aux-in and two preamp outputs.

Each of the new BT series head units are satellite/HD Radio ready and have a high power output of 52 watts x 4. Additionally, these receivers have low-pass and high-pass filters and all come with a wireless remote for convenient music control.

For the first time in years, Sony is adding a double-din styled head unit to its lineup. Designed to be compatible with most new model cars, the larger sized CDX-GT77UI unit features a front USB-1 connection for iPod, iPhone and other digital music players.

Like all new models, the CDX-GT77UI is satellite/HD radio ready and has a maximum power output of 52 watts x 4. High-pass and low-pass filters allow for simple output control and a wireless remote makes control easy from any seat in the car. The double-din receiver supports ZAPPIN, Quick-BrowZer, Jump Mode, Passenger Control and DM+ Advanced technology, and also has three preamp outputs and front aux-in.

Within the new GT series lineup, the GTX-GT930UI, CDX-GT530UI and CDX-430U models will all be available later this month for $230, $140 and $130, respectively. The CDX-GT730UI will be available next month for about $200.

For Sony’s new Bluetooth models, expect to see the high-end MEX-BT5700U hit stores this June for about $300. Additionally, the MEX-BT3700U unit will be available in February for about $250 and its compatible microphone, the XA-MC10, will arrive later this month for about $30. The MEX-BT2700 will also be available later this month for about $160. The double-din CDX-GT77UI model will be available next month for about $250.

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