- The Washington Times - Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Despite the meeting of the United Nations Security Council following an unprovoked cross-border attack by Lebanese forces upon the Israelis, the only comment emanating from the international body has been one calling for calm on both sides (“U.N. disputes Lebanese claim Israel violated border,” Web, News, Aug. 4).

As the United Nations continually and obsessively meets to condemn Israel for the slightest suggestion of wrongdoing and delivers resolution after resolution against the country, no such U.N. resolution or inquiry is deemed appropriate for the Lebanese violence. That aggression could have sparked another regional or international conflict.

The thunderous silence of the United Nations in the face of aggression toward Israel is sickening in view of the enormously disproportionate attention shown toward the Jewish state. Where is the call for an international inquiry into the conduct of the Lebanese army? If an incident such as the interception of the Gaza “Freedom Flotilla” is deemed appropriate for U.N. involvement, why is the United Nations so muted? The international group’s moral compass appears to have been lost in the mire of its anti-Israel bias and hypocrisy.


Tredegar, Wales



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