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In her Friday letter to the editor, “The right to on-base abortion,” Vania Leveille, legislative counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union in Washington, defends the proposed killing of the preborn on military bases abroad with the weak comparative argument that because the killing is sanctioned stateside, it should be permitted on military bases abroad.

No one has a “right” to kill an innocent human being. We know the preborn are human beings from the law of biogenesis - human beings conceive only human beings. There also is overwhelming medical evidence from DNA tests, sonograms and fetal surgery that fetuses are alive before they exit the womb. Both our Creator and nature tell us it is wrong to kill.

Ms. Leveille must know the preborn are innocent human beings; she refers to the preborn “child” when she talks about the option to raise or place the “child” for adoption. But she calls the preborn a “fetus” when she talks about killing the child. The word “fetus” simply means “small child,” so she is using semantics to cover up the gruesome act of killing a child.

Killing the preborn harms the participating individuals psychologically and spiritually, and it can bring short- and long-term physical harm to the mother. It also scars everyone who promotes it, undermining the fundamental societal morality of respecting and protecting all human life.


Silver Spring, Md.

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