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While I agree that building a Muslim cultural center 600 feet from where the World Trade Center’s twin towers once stood will be viewed as “a symbolic monument to the triumph of Islamism in the United States” (“Radical Islam’s conquest of America,” Commentary, Aug. 6), I contend that such a triumphant view will be short-lived once America’s voice is heard again.

In righteous indignation over the heinous crime perpetuated by Muslim extremists in the name of holy war on the West, 61 percent of New Yorkers voted in opposition to the building of the complex at or near “hallowed ground that contains the blood of 3,000 human beings, mostly Americans, were murdered on that fateful day.”

Two points other than the motivation of the principal proponent of the project, Feisal Abdul Rauf, and the source of funding for the complex must be considered in opposition to the project: preservation of the historic site and the preservation of our Judeo-Christian civilization. The imposition of Shariah law - which Mr. Rauf suggests our courts should be in compliance with - will inevitably deprive us of such freedoms.

It is an outrage for the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission to deny landmark status for a building that, in its terms, is “contributing to the historic fabric of the site” and therefore is considered “historically significant.” And although this building is two blocks away from Ground Zero, it was damaged when pieces of one of the hijacked planes crashed through its roof on Sept. 11, 2001, rendering the site part of the sacred ground we must preserve. The entire site should be landmarked, and buildings affected by the Sept.11 attack should be preserved, not demolished for politically correct and other misguided reasons.

New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg should take a cue from Pope John Paul II. In the heated controversy between Carmelite nuns, who wanted to build a convent on property owned by the Catholic Church at Auschwitz, and the Jewish relatives of victims of the Holocaust, who opposed the proposal, he urged the nuns to move away from the site, even if they had the right to build there.

In addition, the significance of the project’s name - Cordoba House - is well-taken, for it was in the city of Cordoba in southern Spain that the Muslim conquerors built on top of a Christian basilica. The Cordoba mosque they built on that site became the symbol of Muslim conquests in the West. With the creation of the Cordoba Caliphate, the Islamization of conquered territories in the Iberian Peninsula and Europe began. It took Spain eight centuries to complete the Christian reconquest of its Islamized territories.

How long will it take America to regain our Judeo-Christian civilization if we allow the Islamization of the Americas to begin with the building of the Ground Zero mosque?


Architect, historic preservation consultant


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