- The Washington Times - Thursday, August 26, 2010


When it comes to the right of one to practice and worship in his own way, there is no disputing that the United States is more tolerant than most countries. But should it be tolerant of religions that advocate violence and malice toward other human beings?

Philosopher John Locke declared in “A Letter Concerning Toleration” that when a faith advocates bodily harm against human beings, it ceases to be a religion. Fellow philosopher Voltaire, in “A Treatise on Tolerance,” wrote along the same lines on the subject of religion and violence.

A religion calls for people to come to its faith peacefully and at their own volition. A true religion is a set of principles and beliefs that advocate peace and human dignity to all people, even if they are of different faiths or of no faith. Furthermore, a religion is an instrument that advocates a love for humanity and the belief not in a punishing God, but in a loving God. Religion should never be an instrument of forced submission, murder or human suffering.

When it comes to this subject, progressives and the mainstream press are blinded by their liberal principles. They are narrow-minded. It is time for them to look up the real definition of religion and come to the realization that any faith that advocates violence and death cannot be called a religious faith. Instead, it is a belief in oppression and tyranny - and must always be defeated.


Kenilworth, N.J.



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