- Associated Press - Monday, December 20, 2010

NEW YORK (AP) - The Associated Press said Monday that it is partnering with a new technology vendor for its online video network in a move that will help websites broaden their video news offerings.

The vendor, News Distribution Network Inc., already delivers video online for a variety of media companies, including ABC, CBS, BBC and Reuters. Participants of AP’s Online Video Network will be getting access to those videos under the new partnership.

NDN hosts content on its servers. Participants can use NDN’s media-player software and other tools to integrate the videos into their sites. That way, websites do not have to build the video capability on their own.

NDN, which is based in Atlanta, sells and runs advertising with the video and shares revenue with both the websites that run the clips and the media companies that produce them.

Nick Ascheim, general manager for AP Digital, said that the bundling of AP’s offerings with those from other media will make AP’s Online Video Network more attractive for websites looking for a one-stop shopping source for video.

The 1,500 newspaper, broadcast and other websites that are part of the OVN will have a choice of whether to add other news providers and which ones.

The AP, a not-for-profit cooperative, launched OVN in late 2006, using Microsoft Corp. technology. The AP switched to Comcast Corp.’s thePlatform in 2008, although Microsoft continued to sell ads to run with the videos.

Ascheim said the transition to NDN will be completed in the first quarter of 2011, and NDN will take over ad-selling duties from Microsoft.

Financial terms were not disclosed.



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