- The Washington Times - Monday, January 25, 2010


Like many Americans, I watched the televised New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square this year. What got my attention was hearing John Lennon’s song “Imagine,” playing in the streets of New York City just before the countdown to 2010.

At a time when we face the toughest economic conditions since the Great Depression, with wars being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan and the threat of terrorism in our country, is this really the decade when we want to adhere to Lennon’s atheistic, socialist view?

The song asks that we imagine a world with “no countries… no possessions… and no religion, too.” The reality of this worldview can be seen in China and North Korea, which are not exactly bastions of human rights.

Throughout our history, American leaders have called on God for assistance during difficult times. In his inaugural address, President George Washington spoke of how no other people could acknowledge the workings of God like the American people. As we entered World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt prayed for God’s direction as we sought to liberate the world from Nazism and Fascism.

If anything, we need to humbly seek God’s assistance as we enter this uncertain decade.


Anniston, Ala.



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