- The Washington Times - Thursday, July 1, 2010


Finally, someone has spoken up about light bulbs (“Light-bulb grabbers at it again,” Comment & Analysis, Monday). The Washington Times must have heard my primordial scream coming out of Loudoun County, Va., as I tried to replace a 100-watt spotlight for my kitchen.

My first stop (and I thought my last) was at Home Depot, which had GE and Philips bulbs floor to ceiling. To my dismay, not a single 100-watt spotlight was there. Strange, I thought, but I journeyed on to Target, where I encountered the very same situation. At this point, I went along and bought one of the largest spotlight bulbs there, 65 watts. I wasn’t happy, however, and was even more unhappy when I turned on the light at home and the glow was purple. I climbed up my ladder, took it out, took it back and drove out of my way to a small-business electrical shop. There, I found a knowledgeable clerk who told me about the government takeover of light bulbs. He had no 100-watt spots, either. We both surmised that this probably was part of the Al Gore plan to save the planet and fill some pockets with billions of dollars. Yes, it’s good advice to follow the money when you see yourself getting the shaft.


Lansdowne, Va.



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