- The Washington Times - Thursday, July 15, 2010


Many readers are aware of the hit job done on the Tea Party movement by MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews several weeks ago, but they may not realize that it is corporate sponsors and their advertising agencies that make such “lowball” journalism possible through advertising placement and dollars.

Since the segment aired, a broad national coalition of Tea Party groups and everyday Americans has announced a boycott of Procter & Gamble’s Dawn dish soap, as Procter & Gamble was a prominent sponsor of the Matthews program.

The company has yet to respond to the boycott and in fact rebuffed a delegation of Tea Party representatives who visited the corporate offices in Cincinnati. It was wasn’t long ago that the company also bowed to liberal pressure and pulled its advertising from Fox News’ Glenn Beck program.

The problem is not only with the far left in our country. It is also enablers like Procter & Gamble that have a one-way street when it comes to conservatives, libertarians and average Americans. They want our money but then help undermine our principles and way of life by advertising only on left-wing programs. In keeping with our principles, we should all call out Procter & Gamble on this double standard by calling the company and not buying its products.


Furlong, Pa.



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