- The Washington Times - Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Many innocent Americans have been harmed violently by illegal aliens. Also, the severe fiscal impact of illegal immigrant families is tremendous. Yet the Department of Justice is suing Arizona over the state’s immigration law, which seeks to curb illegal immigration. This is the same department that refuses to take action against sanctuary cities, which harbor illegal immigrants and therefore encourage illegal immigration (“Justice: Sanctuary cities safe from law,” Page 1, Thursday).

The Obama administration also has joined forces with Mexico to condemn the Arizona law, which is supported overwhelmingly by American citizens in Arizona and strongly supported by most Americans in the United States.

David M. Walker, formerly head of the Government Accountability Office, has rightly stated that the United States has a “leadership deficit.” An immigrant myself, I regret to say that this country has lost much of its common sense.


Executive director

Alliance for a Sustainable USA

Orinda, Ca.



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