- The Washington Times - Friday, June 18, 2010


In his well-written column on California’s Proposition 8 (“A marriage proposal,” Opinion, Wednesday), R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. asks what the goal of the homosexual lobby is in pushing for marriage when contract law should satisfy the lobby’s stated objectives.

I think the answer is obvious. The homosexual lobbying groups want to force acceptance on people who will tolerate the practice when conducted in private but are uncomfortable with it. In this way, homosexuality would become accepted as normal. Back when the American Psychiatric Association changed its stance on homosexual conduct from a mental issue to a normal human behavior, the cry from the left was about tolerance.

The political left says it has always been an issue of tolerance. Now we are seeing what their real agenda has been all along: They want to use the public square and civil rights legislation to push acceptance, not tolerance, on those who are in disagreement with the homosexual lifestyle.

This is, in my opinion, plain old wrong. To demand tolerance and courtesy from the general public is one thing, but it is tyrannical to demand that people be forced to accept another’s behavior when they find it offensive.

Bowie, Md.



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