- The Washington Times - Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Jeffrey T. Kuhner makes the case for incompetence to describe President Obama’s actions (“Capital capitulation,” Opinion, Friday), but that would mean all of these bad outcomes are just a matter of chance. There are too many dots to connect to accept that thesis. The Center For American Progress, a George Soros-funded, left-wing think tank proposes a drilling moratorium in the Gulf. The administration complies. Gulf drill rigs start migrating to Brazil to work for Petrabras which Soros had, at one point, roughly $900 million invested in, and is already funded by Ex-Im Bank private bank loans guaranteed by the U.S. Treasury. Remember the U.S. government guarantees at Fannie and Freddie? The same think tank proposes BP put up a $20 billion slush fund, and wouldn’t you know it, BP shows up to comply.

Of course this is all crony capitalism, which probably will lead to pure fascism or worse. In fact, BP’s Gulf oil catastrophe is a pure example of what happens when big business holds hands with big government. BP spent $200 million on a green campaign, not only funding advertising, but funneling millions into so-called environmental groups such as the Nature Conservancy and Conservation International. BP was a big supporter of Cap and Trade — it would mean billions of revenue from their natural gas business. So what is the outcome of all of this? The Federal government says go ahead and drill at a depth of one mile, and we will cap your liability at $75 million, thank you. Of course ruin follows. Do you really think that BP would have drilled this well if their liability had been unlimited and they would have been allowed to pursue less risky opportunities for oil?

Welcome to the enviro-friendly fascist state.

Reston, Va.




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