- The Washington Times - Thursday, June 24, 2010

Forty-five California legislators, headed by state Sen. Gil Cedillo, Los Angeles Democrat, have introduced a nonbinding resolution to boycott Arizona until that state’s new immigration law is repealed.

Cities across the country, including Seattle, Boston and Los Angeles, have already begun boycotting Arizona, but California would be the first state to do so.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 113, which was introduced Wednesday evening, would urge the state’s retirement systems to stop new investments in Arizona until that state’s new law on illegal immigrants, SB1070, which goes into effect July 29, is repealed.

The resolution would also encourage California businesses to sever ties with Arizona and urge California residents to avoid traveling through Arizona to avoid the risk of ethnic profiling by Arizona police.

The resolution also asks Major League Baseball to reconsider having the Arizona Diamondbacks be the host of the 2011 All-Star game, as is planned.

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Mr. Cedillo joined Hispanic, Asian, black, and homosexual lawmakers at a press conference outside the state Capitol in Sacramento on Wednesday to discuss the economic protest against what they called an unconstitutional law that infringes on minorities’ civil liberties by encouraging racial profiling.

Mr. Cedillo said at the conference that the whole country must join in a unified protest against the strict law.

“Congress, you must act, and Mr. President, you must lead,” he said.



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