- The Washington Times - Monday, June 28, 2010


Anthony J. Sadar does not address two fundamental reasons for climate “climate change”: natural and human (“Solutions galore that ignore the poor,” Commentary, June 24).

Natural climate cycles are well-known and these will continue regardless of human activity. Human activity involves burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas.

Making carbon fiber products by burning fossil fuels for electricity could be an important step in the process of making carbon fiber, which is lighter and stronger than most metals. Carbon should be captured at its source and used productively to make carbon fiber. The body of the new Boeing 787 airliner is made of carbon fiber. This process is called recycling.

The proposals to capture CO2 from the atmosphere, as described by Mr. Sadar, would not be necessary if the CO2 was captured at its source such as fossil fueled power plants. Carbon then could be used to manufacture auto and airplane parts among other products. There would be no need to “extract CO2 out of the atmosphere” and direct it to “underground storage as solids or trapped in the ocean,” as described.

More than fifty percent of CO2 is produced to make electricity for homes and industry and for the ever increasing number of hybrid and electric only cars anyway. So, let’s use the carbon productively.

Silver Spring, Md.



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