- The Washington Times - Monday, June 28, 2010


The presidential troubles detailed by Mark Steyn (“The epitome of mediocrity,” Commentary, June 21) are mostly of the president’s own making. Mr. Obama has fashioned a unique habitat - let’s call it Obamaland, where fables pass as facts. So in the perpetual fog that envelops Obamaland - a fog caused by hot, liberal blather colliding with cold reality - the government is good, bureaucracy is beneficent and man is perfectible if only the unwashed would stop caviling and step aside. In this world of make-believe where a new species of president - homo Obamans - reigns, post-partisan and transparent to his core, political calculations and blame deflection will be things of the past, except when they’re not. In this new world, strong words meant to show the president manning up are not camouflage for slack action, except when they are.

Many former fans have been rudely awakened from their docile worship of this new breed of president by the incompetent response to the oil spill. For those true believers still in Obamaland, still gushing with praise for the fogbound president, the Gulf gusher should sound an alarm and, like any strong tocsin, should stimulate a re-evaluation of belief.





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