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The image of an American president defending his governmental spending binge in direct opposition to the socialist states of Western Europe and their wish finally to exercise some fiscal restraint is truly a sad sight to behold (“Obama’s big fat nothing,” Opinion, Tuesday).

If there is any lingering doubt as to Mr. Obama’s true agenda, one would hope the screen finally has tilted and the American people can see the man behind it. Like the exposure of the Great and Powerful Oz furiously pulling levers and speaking into his microphone, we, by degrees, are finally seeing the reality behind the gigantic floating mirage. Toto, we certainly are not in Kansas anymore.

The irony of the American taxpayer coughing up the cash so the Wizard of Oz can “change” our country into a socialist debtor nation in perpetuity should be wasted on no one (perhaps with the exception of Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.).

How did we arrive at such a lowly pass? As the electorate ran screaming from the Wicked Witch of the “W” through the poppy field of “Barry Bliss,” we arrived at the gates of the Emerald City. Sadly, the wizard went forth and bowed down to all and sundry for the horrible transgressions America had foisted upon the world. The “W” was still the cause of all our problems. What to do? Why, spend, spend, spend. Mr. Obama seemed intent on redistributing wealth whilst his Supreme Court nominees redistributed speech.

Once upon a time, President Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.” Mr. Obama seems to have twisted that noble concept around a bit.

This November, American voters need to stand up and be counted - and boot some of Mr. Obama’s cronies out of power before things become any worse. Americans have always had hearts, brains and courage. We do not need a snake-oil salesman from the Windy City to supply us with anything - least of all, mounds of debt to bury multiple generations.


Woodbridge, Va.

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