- The Washington Times - Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Attempts to undermine the Catholic Church by the media and others over the recent sex-abuse scandal are wrong and unjust to the vast majority of innocent priests who are faithful to their vows (“Vatican defends protecting U.S. priest,” Geopolitics, Friday). While the scandal is sickening and disheartening, it must be put in its proper perspective.

First, the Catholic Church is the only church that can be traced directly back to Christ. Second, a very small percentage of priests are sex abusers. Statistics show that within the general population, priests are among those least likely to be abusers, i.e., 80 percent to 90 percent of the cases happen in families. Even Jesus had his Judas.

Third, people should bear in mind that priests have to respect the special nature of secrecy involved in the act of confession, which was entrusted to the church by Christ. Finally, the word “abuse” has been misinterpreted and exaggerated to include acts that were considered normal and harmless forms of discipline only a short time ago. No doubt what society needs today is more discipline, not less.

The church will weather this storm, as it has weathered every other storm and come out victorious. Rather than condemn the pope and the church for the sins of a few, people should be climbing aboard the bark of Peter, for it will be their only safe haven in these atheistic times.


Hamilton, Ontario

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