Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I recently watched a debate on “Fox News Sunday” between Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives Marco Rubio. What I saw astounded me.

To say that the Republican Party is politically incompetent would be a gross understatement, if the now-independent Mr. Crist is typical.

What was the difference between the right-leaning Mr. Rubio and “Obama lite” Mr. Crist? The moderator asked each candidate what he would do about Social Security, not to mention entitlements in general. Mr. Crist’s response was “get rid of the waste and fraud.” Mr. Rubio said he would raise the retirement age of those younger than 55.

Mr. Crist was blatantly dishonest, while Mr. Rubio offered a solution. In fact, if the retirement age related to expected life span today - the way it did in 1935, when it was enacted - people would not be able to collect until they were 80. (The average life expectancy in 1935 was 63; today it is closer to 80.)

The level of corruption exhibited by the Democrats over the past 18 months has been so overt that all the Republicans have to do in November is actually stand for something. Let the mainstream press fantasize about moderate, right-wing and left-wing labels. To those who are running for election: Be honest and offer a solution, and you will displace the rot that is now in power.


Reston, Va.

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