- The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It’s unfortunate that in these unsettled times, the Republican National Committee is focusing on courting “major donors” with lavish meetings in Hawaii and expensive parties in Los Angeles rather than accommodating the rising tide of discontent with big government (“RNC costs for wooing major donors disputed,” Politics, Wednesday).

Instead, the party should be reaching out to small donors and using the money to make clear to those who mistakenly believed they were electing “conservative” Democrats that their representatives sold them out by obediently carrying water for the hard-left Democratic leadership.

Where were the voices of Virginia Democrat Jim Webb, Montana Democrat Jon Tester, Arkansas Democrat Blanche Lincoln and others during the health care debate? Now is the time to tar those representatives with their betrayal of the voters’ trust, while it is still fresh in mind, so that the association becomes part of their permanent political identity.

Now is an especially important time for this because the Democrats cannot not afford to lose many votes in the House and not even a single vote in the Senate. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that the Democrats, closer to election time, will roll out a number of overly ambitious liberal proposals specifically designed to give the “conservative Democrats” the chance to “valiantly oppose the left wing of their party” in order to burnish their supposed conservative credentials.The time to act is now, before that likely charade gains any traction.



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