- The Washington Times - Thursday, November 11, 2010


Is it just me, or is anyone else getting tired of the politically correct drivel I keep hearing President Obama spout?

Mr. Obama is, after all, supposed to be in the vanguard of those willing to protect and defend our Constitution and country. When asked recently about his opinion on the pertinent question of jihad, all Mr. Obama could come up with was: “Well, the phrase ‘jihad’ has a lot of meanings within Islam and is subject to a lot of different interpretations.”

We are a decade into the war on terror. Mr. Obama has tried playing nice with Islam for two years and still doesn’t get it. There are elements of the Islamic population who want to kill us.

Enough already with calling a hole in the ground “a negative terrestrial space with a roughly circular perimeter.” I would like to hear things said clearly once in a while. I’m betting our allies would appreciate the same. If you were aligned with the United States, would you have confidence in language like the president’s? I doubt it. Plain English will do just fine, Mr. Obama.


Sedro-Woolley, Wash.



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