- The Washington Times - Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The Democrats failed Economics 101 in the classroom and on the job. Our economy has been worsened by their tax-and-spend policies. Giving money to those on Social Security does not stimulate economic growth. Those on fixed incomes usually spend it on necessities or save it. Our economy is stimulated when an influx of disposable income by the middle class and rich is spent in the community.

The policy of penalizing the rich has stymied economies of socialist countries. We provide the money our government spends. The money is ours, not owned by the state as in a socialist country. The Democrats either have forgotten this or are trying to change America into a socialist country.

The power to alter the direction in Washington to maintain our democratic republic and the American way is now in the hands of the Republicans. Should the Republican Party fail to stand for America’s proven principles, we can expect to see our liberty further wane.


Auburn, Wash.



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