- The Washington Times - Monday, November 8, 2010


Thank you for bringing the inhumane situation of 3,500 innocent civilians of Camp Ashraf to the attention of your readers (“WikiLeaks boosts Iran influence in Iraq,” Commentary, Friday). I totally agree with Lord David Alton that the Obama administration has a responsibility toward these people.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s orders to open fire on these unarmed refugees in July 2009 resulted in 11 deaths, 500 injuries and 36 hostages. The United States cannot allow the same crime to happen again. What happened last year was a crime against humanity, and the perpetrators, in both Iraq and Iran, should be prosecuted for these crimes.

Mr. al-Maliki has continued receiving instructions from Tehran and suppressing residents of Camp Ashraf. These people are denied their basic human rights. Both the mullahs and Mr. al-Maliki’s government view Camp Ashraf residents as their enemy.

I hope President Obama changes his policy toward the regime in Iran and stands firmly on the side of millions of Iranians who demand freedom and democracy through regime change. He can show this by meeting his responsibilities toward the inhuman situation in Camp Ashraf. Its residents are “protected persons” by the 4th Geneva Convention, and both the United Nations and the United States are responsible for providing protection for them.


Director, Association of Anglo-Iranian Women in the U.K.




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