- The Washington Times - Friday, October 8, 2010

Christine Todd Whitman’s column “Too much money in politics,” (Opinion, Wednesday) could just as easily have been titled “Too little sense and character in America.”

It’s a lot easier to complain about too much money in politics or politicians unduly influenced by contributors than it is for Americans to look in the mirror and admit that we often get the government we deserve. Many of us are lazy and uninterested in doing the necessary investigation to make wise decisions. Many are swayed by superficial or unscrupulous political messages because we haven’t disciplined ourselves to think - our passions dominate our brains. And too many of us are motivated by self-interest, regardless of the impact on our communities, our country and our liberties. With these attitudes, subtracting money from the political process won’t do much to protect our liberties or America’sfuture.


Plymouth, Mich.

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