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Not funny

“To say there’s nothing funny about this president is elevating him to the level of a deity, the way leaders are looked at in some Third World totalitarian state. I’m quite certain that North Koreans cannot see anything funny about Kim Jong-il, although the majority of the world thinks he is as entertaining as a circus midget. Ditto for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. …

“This is unconscionable. From the days of JFK right up to the Bush Administration, I have enjoyed watching comedians mock the occupant of the White House with wild abandon. Open satire has always been the hallmark of a free society. A president that can’t be mocked is no longer a leader of a free nation. As Jeffrey [Jena] pointed out, there are a lot of comics who have been fairly adept at coming up with Obama humor; they’re just not breaking into the mainstream. …

“The obvious reason is that the majority of the talent coordinators for the late night talk shows and the cable networks are liberals. They are simply not going to greenlight a comic who fails to amuse them, and they see nothing funny about the current president. Remember, Fred Armisen was reprimanded with a CNN fact check for attempting what SNL viewers had been enjoying since the Ford era, so others have been lax to repeat his blasphemous act.”

- Tim Slagle, writing on “Obama’s Too Cool for Comedic Ridicule?” on Aug 30 at Big Hollywood

Not surprising

“Canada is at war in a Muslim nation where we’ve lost 151 soldiers and had countless more injured and maimed precisely because of Islamic inspired terrorism. The way we travel around the planet has changed because of Islamic terrorism caused by Muslims. The majority of the past 20 years of western expenditure on wars has been because of Islam. The next world war is expected to be because of Islam because Islamic nations can’t get along with other nations, let alone with each other.

“And we infidels are supposed to believe the Muslim faithful are united in their ‘shocked’ reaction?

“Unless you’re a die-hard multicultural leftist who still believes Islam is a religion of peace, or a Muslim who refuses to acknowledge the obvious, it seems pretty evident that the only real threat undermining democracies and republics, where most of our defense spending is going towards I may add, is violence and terrorism associated with Islam.

“From where I sit in the hot dust these days, I’m shocked Canadians are still shocked at Muslims being arrested for terrorism. Unless of course those in the Muslim ‘community’ aren’t really shocked at all, and it’s just that they haven’t figured out that the appropriate reaction when you screw up is to take responsibility and take steps to keep it from happening again, not just blame someone else for your problems.”

- Kaffir Kanuck, writing on “Dispatch 18,” on Aug. 27 at his blog Moose and Squirrel

Not edible

“The online campaign by Flime in Berlin has called for diners to ‘donate any part of their body’ as well as looking for an ‘open-minded surgeon.’ However, politicians have condemned the restaurant for being a tasteless PR stunt, according to Der Spiegel. So far the location of the restaurant, if there is one, has not been disclosed.

” ‘Members’ willing to participate in the cannibal ‘Wari-culture’ of the restaurant are asked to fill out a form. It includes questions about medical fitness, Body Mass Index, how often one exercises and even if the donor is pregnant.

“The restaurant claims to be inspired by the ‘compassionate cannibalism’ of the Brazilian Waricaca tribe. The website explains: ‘We see feasting as a spiritual act, in which the spirit and strength of the consumed creature is given to the guests.’ “

- Laura Roberts, writing on “Berlin ‘cannibal’ restaurant calls for diners to donate body parts for menu,” on Aug. 27 at the Daily Telegraph

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