- The Washington Times - Friday, September 17, 2010


Tea Party challengers like Christine O’Donnell winning the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate in Delaware over moderate Michael Castle and Carl Paladino winning the Republican primary for governor over moderate Rick Lazio in New York could mean one of two things.

If they win in the general election, it could deeply polarize America and have a divisive effect, especially because they hold such radical views. Mr. Paladino advocates cutting taxes by 10 percent, using eminent domain to prevent the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero, eliminating public pensions for legislators and turning prisons into dormitories for welfare recipients. Miss O’Donnell seeks to repeal President Obama’s health care bill.

The likelihood is that the nominations of Miss O’Donnell and Mr. Paladino will spell almost certain defeat for the Republican Party, as their views may drive Republican moderates, independents and undecided voters to cast their votes for Democrats.

The enthusiasm of winning the primaries may be short-lived for the Tea Partiers.


Huntington Beach, Ca.



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