- The Washington Times - Tuesday, September 21, 2010


If Republican Tea Party candidate Joe Miller loses Alaska’s senatorial seat to the Democratic challenger, we will have defeated Sen. Lisa Murkowski to blame.

This charlatan politician, to appease her own ego and defy the will of the people of Alaska, has decided to be a “write-in” candidate. Is she so self-absorbed and so unprincipled as not to realize this is political suicide?

She claims she is listening to her constituents and is going to give them a choice. Re-entering her name as a write-in candidate, after the people have made their choice through the electoral process, demonstrates that she is a most despicable candidate. Her die-hard constituents may as well cast their votes for Mr. Obama’s nefarious agenda because in a two-way split of Republican voters, enough votes will likely be siphoned off from Mr. Miller to throw the election to the Democratic candidate. Mr. Miller otherwise has more than a very good chance of winning the election.

This is a crucial seat that we need to win to put an end to the Obama agenda of bankrupting America. Let’s put the pressure on Mrs. Murkowski to withdraw her name from the race. It would be the honorable thing for her to do.


Berwyn Heights, Md.



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