- The Washington Times - Monday, September 27, 2010


Therising unemployment recovery is driving the stock market upward owing to record high corporate mergers that displace more workers but increase the dividends for stockholders.

America’s gross domestic product has recovered 2.9 percent of the 4.1 percent it lost at the start of this last recession. Household net worth has regained 4 percent of the 21 percent it lost in 2007.

Why do President Obama and the Democrats in Congress tout these dismal statistics as a victory over poverty? There are 6 million Americans who have been unemployed for more than two years, the real national unemployment rate is near 17 percent and corporations continue to merge and outsource their jobs to the Second and Third World to make bigger profits.

The answer is simple. The November elections are only a few weeks away, and Mr. Obama and the Democrats in Congress do not want the Republicans regaining control. That would thwart their ridiculous push for green jobs, “cap-and-trade,” stimulus projects that stimulate only Recovery Act signs and nationalization of health care with their excuse that it is good for us.

Reviewing the above, it is plausible that Mr. Obama’s plan is that the recovery from our great recession will arise from his policies to raise taxes on American corporations, enforce a value-added tax on everyone and use these taxes to put the jobless on the government payroll.

Mission accomplished. The recession is over because Mr. Obama has turned our nation into nothing less than a welfare state.


Fullerton, Calif.



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