- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hamas and Hezbollah are being supplied by Iran with money and arms, and there are reliable reports that missiles and missile launchers are being stored in civilian areas in Gaza and southern Lebanon (“Directing the winds of change toward Iran,” Commentary, Tuesday).

Israel should not wait until these missiles are launched. The country should issue an immediate statement that in the event missiles are launched, the civilians in those areas should seek other shelter because Israel will level everything in the launching areas.

In previous encounters, Hamas and Hezbollah have used civilians as human shields. The civilians who are in areas that might become combat zones should also seek alternative shelters in advance.

Israel should politely but immediately inform the United Nations of the Hamas and Hezbollah installations and should publicly state that the responsibility for civilian casualties will rest on the shoulders of those who launch the missiles - not on the responding party.


Palm Beach, Fla.



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