- The Washington Times - Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Radical Muslims in Afghanistan riot and kill because one Koran was burned in Florida (“When nuthood was in flower,” Pruden on Politics, Tuesday). Americans need to read a translated copy of the Koran to understand why the Muslim Brotherhood is so enraged.

English translations are available on the Internet and can be searched for with terms such as fight, kill, nonbeliever, etc. Americans don’t understand radical Muslim culture because they have never read the Muslim holy book. The Koran preaches hatred and intolerance toward anyone who is not a Muslim. It is a book of tolerance and love, but only of tolerance and love of Muslims for Muslims. It speaks over and over again about fighting “infidels.” It speaks of how nonbelievers should be put to death. It even speaks of how it is OK if a believer mistakenly kills another believer when he intends to kill a nonbeliever.

I have never read a religious text that preaches so much intolerance. Americans will never be able to dispute the false claims that the Koran is a book of love and tolerance until they read it for themselves. They need to read it if they ever want to understand the depth of the evil and hatred that runs rampant in the Middle East and threatens our shores.


Burke, Va.

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