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I remember as a child playing sandlot baseball that the boy who brought the ball always wanted to make the rules, and if he did not get his way, he would take his ball and go home.

It seems to me that is what the president of the United States is saying to the people of this nation. Why can’t Congress and the president stop acting as we did as children and do what is best for the people of the United States instead of wanting their selfish way, even though it will hurt us all?

First of all, we can never borrow our way out of debt. We have to put an end to the great give-away economy.

It was announced recently that after spending billions of dollars to put a space station into orbit, we will now allow it to drop into the ocean. What a waste of money the taxpayers have had to endure. And who decided on that spending, anyway?

I am very angry with the government for possessing a blank check and “we, the people” having no say as to how it is spent. There is no longer is any accountability to the American taxpayers.

But I love America, so let’s work together to solve the crisis and stop spending what we haven’t got.


Broaddus, Texas

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