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When the Iranian government announced it had downed one of our drones after it penetrated Iranian airspace, our government immediately countered that the drone had been destroyed and there was nothing to worry about (“Tehran denies U.S. request for return of captured drone,” Web, Tuesday.)

As if on cue, the Iranians unveiled our drone in front of their television cameras. Instead of a pile of wreckage, as reported by our government, we were greeted by a high-tech marvel of our most advanced, stealth wizardry. To our shock and disappointment, the drone seemed to be in perfect condition.

While the Iranians are busy working to unlock the surveillance and stealth treasure trove we handed them, their friends, the Chinese and the Russians, will very likely be invited over for a peek.

The loss of this drone, coupled with leaving our stealth helicopter behind in the bin Laden Pakistan raid, is a huge blow to our military edge. It is assumed the Pakistanis allowed the Chinese scientists to study our most advanced helicopter stealth technology.

What is most disturbing to Americans in all of this is the fact the drone was not destroyed before being allowed to fall into enemy hands. It has been reported President Obama was given three options when the drone went down: Send in a team to either retrieve it or destroy it, or send a cruise missile and/or fighter jet in to obliterate it. The president chose not to do anything.

Evidently, he thought if he asked the Iranians nicely to give it back, they would comply. Of course, the Iranians flatly rejected the president’s request. Evidently, they have no fear of an American response.


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