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While the 10th Commandment may be the last commandment of the Decalogue, “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods” is still a commandment. As such, the message and methods of the Occupy Wall Street movement should be an anathema to both Christians and Jews.

Boiled down to its simplest formulation, the message of the mob - the “99 percent” - is this: “Hand over your wallet - not because we deserve it, but simply because we want it.” But beyond the shakedown aspect of these rent-a-mobs, there may be an even more basic message: hate.

To me, the Occupy group is the very face of hate. They undoubtedly will be President Obama’s brownshirts during the 2012 election. Don’t be fooled by the occasional Occupy sign mocking Mr. Obama - this display has about as much sincerity as the group members’ occasional waving of the American flag: none. It is nothing but a well-staged prop designed to fool the rubes at home watching on TV.

Perhaps the best window into the utterly vile and truly evil methods of the Occupy mob were seen at an “Occupy D.C.” pogrom against people who attended the Americans for Prosperity Foundation conference in November, a meeting focused on how to bring back prosperity to America.

At the event, several elderly women attending the conference were reportedly pushed to the ground by the hate-filled Occupiers, who cursed and screamed at the ladies. What happened next, however, showed the mob’s true criminal nature. Even as police tried to help the women to their feet, this mob of haters continued to scream and jeer at them. They did the same to a mother carrying a young child. Could you imagine someone screaming and cursing at your mother or your wife, and thinking they could hide behind the First Amendment. What’s next?

One other commandment also provides much needed guidance into understanding what is really going on with the Occupy movement. The Eighth Commandment, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor,” is a prohibition against lying, especially about other people. Warren Buffett bore false witness against his neighbor when he claimed that the more money you make, the fewer taxes you pay.

It is not a coincidence that Mr. Buffett’s lie is on the lips of every Occupy Bolshevik. Mr Buffett’s observations about compensating himself at long-term capital gains rates is an argument for an audit, not an argument to raise rates on simple income.

It is shameful that these Occupy Wall Street types think themselves patriotic for demanding a free lunch. Wanting to live off of the fruits of other people’s labor is hardly heroic.


Wilton, Conn.

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