- The Washington Times - Monday, December 19, 2011


After digesting the latest Republican debate, I have reached the conclusion that the presidential election of 2012 will be a referendum between entrenched, left-wing liberalism and conservative values.

Liberalism has completely taken over the Democratic Party and is currently running the Obama administration, the Senate and a majority of the nation’s courts. It has also taken over the public educational system, the entertainment industry and much of the mainstream news media. Support for the left-wing agenda is also prominent in environmental and animal rights organizations, the American Civil Liberties Union and Occupy Wall Street protests.

As a result of years of liberalism, among other things, God has been taken out of our schools and out of most of the public arena; the U.S. Constitution has been circumvented and appeasement of our enemies have become the military policy of today. What’s more, we have seen the imposition of outrageously high taxes, the destruction of the middle class, deficit spending into near oblivion, a belief in a one world government, reduction of our much-needed military defenses and catering to terrorist nations.

The current president refuses to drill for the ample supplies of oil and gas here in our nation and continues to refuse to protect our borders from illegal aliens.

But despite all of this, with the help of God “we, the People” can strike a huge blow by voting in 2012 to oust from power these destructive forces. This would be a great start to restoring our country to the vision of our Founders.





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