- The Washington Times - Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The painful death of 73-year-old Deloris Gillespie that led to charges against suspect Jerome Isaac is just one more piece of evidence that society is deteriorating (“Suspect in N.Y. woman’s burning appears in court,” Web, Monday).

The police can describe this horrible crime any way they want, but no description can capture its barbarity. The next time your burn your finger with a match, imagine your whole body engulfed with flames. That’s what happened to Deloris Gillespie.

What penalty can the judicial system give Mr. Isaac that would amount to genuine justice? How about a prison where he would receive food, shelter, medical coverage and cable TV? Rewarding bad behavior with such comforts should never be confused with cruel and unusual punishment. Where is justice, indeed?


Towanda, Pa.



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