- The Washington Times - Friday, February 25, 2011


Hopefully, Moammar Gadhafi will get his wish to die rather than leave Libya. Dictators at his level are always offered safe haven, particularly because they carry billions of dollars with them. If he leaves, Col. Gadhafi should be indicted, tried and convicted for his crimes. It’s an anomaly that the Obama administration, while condemning our former and current allies in Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen, has had only muted criticism of Col. Gadhafi, with no demands that he leave.

The difference cited is that we have little leverage in Libya while having substantial influence in Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen. Unfortunately, this follows a pattern of flawed foreign policy, which has featured hands-off statements during the Iranian protests in 2009 but condemnation of the actions of our allies in the region, including Israel. Brutal dictatorships, whether friend or foe, should be criticized, not just those that happen to be our allies.


Silver Spring, Md.



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