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Civility interest

“We’ve heard lots of talk about civility in the last week. Some of it was sincere and earnest; some of it, not so much. But regardless, it seemed to me a good opportunity to plug a worthy effort called the Civility Project, the brainchild of two political veterans — conservative Christian Mark DeMoss and Clinton Administration aide Lanny Davis — who hoped to raise the tone of political debate.

“Only as it turns out, the Civility Project appears, at this writing, to be shutting down. For lack of interest.

“For the past couple of years, they’ve asked elected officials, including every member of Congress and governor, to sign on to a civility pledge. (‘I will be civil in my public discourse and behavior. I will be respectful of others whether or not I agree with them. I will stand against incivility when I see it.’) They got exactly three members of Congress. And no governors. And while they got some praise, they also got their share of sometimes-nasty comments from folks who thought this must be some kind of trick, a cover for traitors who want to join up with The Other Side.

Matt Kaufman, writing on “What Civility Is and Isn’t,” on Jan. 18 at Boundless


John F. Kennedy was murdered. By a Marxist. A leftist. Someone who so admired both the Communist Soviet Union and Communist Cuba — the nations JFK was calling slave states and had threatened with nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis — that he tried to defect to both. Failing, he murdered John F. Kennedy. After almost killing the right-wing retired General Edwin Walker with a just-missed shot through Walker’s Dallas living room window.

“Looking back decades later it is no small point that the unraveling of the modern American Left can be traced to the day JFK’s left-wing killer was let off the hook by the aborning liberal media of the day — which tried instantly to put the blame on the American and Dallas right. Anywhere but where it squarely belonged — at the feet of a determined Marxist who in fact was acting in the violent traditions of his decidedly leftist political faith.

John F. Kennedy’s murder, the third time a president of the United States had been shot to death by a leftist — and not counting the two leftist attempts to kill FDR and Truman — was an eye-opening example in the day and right now of what can only be called left-on-left violence. The seating of Democrats and Republicans together at the next State of the Union Address will not — cannot — cure this.”

Jeffrey Lord, writing on “John F. Kennedy and Madness of the American Left,” on Jan. 18 at the American Spectator

Show me the $

“Regis Philbin quit his show after execs told his agent they would cut his salary when his current contract expired, sources tell TMZ. … We’re told the honchos made it clear Regis would be getting a pay cut, partly because the show is not performing as well as in the past and partly because he takes a lot of time off. Sources say Reeg is currently pulling in between $18 [million] and $20 million a year. Regis, we’re told, was angry at the offer and that was the trigger for his announcement this week that he’s leaving the show.

“TMZ first reported Regis told Kelly Ripa about his decision 15 minutes before they went on the air. Initially we were told she was stunned but not angry. Now we’ve learned she was furious — partly because, as one source says, ‘She felt it showed a total lack of respect for her.’ We’re told the entire production team is angry at Regis because they feel he hurt the show by blindsiding everyone.”

From “Regis Philbin Quit Over Pay Cut” on Jan. 22 at TMZ

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