- The Washington Times - Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The subheadline of your Jan. 21 editorial “Glum and glummer” (Comment & Analysis), “Obama policies are keeping the economy down,” is a tragic truth. Near the end of the editorial is a list of President Obama’s accomplishments that illustrate this truth. Given this context, how absolutely stunned I was to read, “Mr. Obama has yet to realize that he is the problem.”

Mr. Obama is singularly focused on the goal of transforming this great country into something akin to a banana republic. He is doing this by savaging our financial infrastructure, draining our Treasury and increasing government control over our daily transactions. Does he see himself as the problem? Hardly. Viewing his achievements from the perspective of his goal, I am quite sure Mr. Obama is giving himself and his accomplices a lot of As for effort.


Alexandria, Va.



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