- The Washington Times - Thursday, January 6, 2011

If America is going to again regain its rightful place as the leader of the industrial world, we are going to have to stop signing every check that the lawmakers bring before the president. No country can continually spend more than it produces and stay afloat. It is time for the Tea Party leaders and the new legislators to take to task the practice of borrowing money from other countries to prop up our economy.

Deficit spending has escalated tremendously in the past two years and what exactly do we have to show for it? I operate a food ministry and the calls for food are increasing as folks are no longer employed. To top it off, they want to increase the cost of all fuels so that it will further bleed everyday Americans.

I am unhappy to see so many folks without jobs these days. The lawmakers do not seem too bothered by this trend. They go on their merry way while folks are sleeping in cardboard boxes and shelters due to lack of work. With all the bailouts given in the last two years, you would think that someone would be assisted by this outpouring of money from Washington. It is time for America to get back to God and then place the American worker first.


Hedgesville, W.Va.

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